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The Medication Game

So, it happened.

The dreaded phone call.

‘Is that Sarah? We are ringing to let you know your medication will be delivered on Monday.’

I was right in the middle of making lunch  *dramatic eye roll*


During the first week of January, after a few long chats with Doctors, Nurses and my family, I decided that I was going to give the Copaxone injections a try as my first attempt with MS medication.

I don’t really want to have to take any kind of medication at all to be honest. I am really struggling with the thought of putting something unnatural into my body repeatedly for the foreseeable future. It always takes quite a lot for me to take Paracetamol for a headache! I am more of a ‘I will go to bed and try and sleep it off’ kind of girl. I prefer natural remedies. I like to be fully aware of how my body feels and be in complete control of it.

But I know deep down that this approach is just not going to work with my new found health niggle. Or not work at the moment anyway. So I am trying to make peace with the fact that I am going to have to start medication. My reasoning behind choosing Copaxone is purely that it had the least aggressive side effects. The fact that it is an injection just makes me laugh. Of course, it would be something as horrible as an injection! Like Life hasn’t kicked me enough this year!!

After the dreaded phone call yesterday, I had a little tear. It was a bit like being given my diagnoses all over again. I had made the medication decision and then put it to the back of my mind in a box marked: Do Not Open. Just call me Pandora. But this morning, I feel a lot more positive about it. I am talking about it with you all, which is a positive thing in itself. Knowing that the people reading this are going to be warriors like me, or a warrier’s support unit, makes me feel like this is a safe place to share my feelings.

I have also done a little bit of research online, particularly on Youtube, and have found that there are some meditation videos out there to help you de-stress and relax which I might give a listen to while I am getting used to the injections. If I find a good one, I will let you know.

My Instagram page @manchesterspirit has gained 100 followers now, and even in such a short space of time I have already connected with a lot of MS warriors. What I like about it is they are all on the same path as me, but at different stages. I have connected with people who are just starting meds, people who are 5 years down the line, people who are actively changing their diet to help their symptoms, people who are running marathons, all very inspiring to me for different reasons. I feel like there are positive people out there to connect with.

One of my followers asked me why I called my blog Manchester Spirit. The eagle eyed amongst you will note the capital letters and see something familiar? I wanted to reference the niggle, but turn it into something positive. 22nd of May 2017 was the most horrendous day for my hometown. A terror attack at a place I have spent so many nights dancing away to my favourite bands. A planned attack on children. The devastation  hit each and every one of us in Manchester and will live with us for a long time. But it was clear that the strength and determination of our city was forged in the flames, so to speak. The city pulled together, supported each other, and protected each other in a way I am so proud of. So I am drawing on their spirit in my own little battle, one that caught me unawares, but one I will not be succumbing to any time soon. Hence the name, Manchester Spirit.

In addition to the medication, I am working very hard at the Mediterranean Diet, but that is for another blog post, I think.

Much love,

Sarah xx

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog post is my description of my own personal journey. I am not a medical professional or in anyway trying to influence my readers’ decisions about their own medication. Please do not take my experiences as law or as researched medical advise. For more information, please see my Disclaimer page. Thank you.

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