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Latest Medical Appointment

So I went to see my amazing MS Nurse last week for my latest 3 month check up.

I get so cross that the media in the UK constantly criticise the NHS. I know that sometimes wait times for appointments are long but having spent a lot of time going to hospital appointments in the last 18 months, I have seen first hand the amazing work the staff do.

I am so lucky that the borough I live in has the MS Nurse system set up. I can just ring up  and talk to my nurse, who knows all my medical history, has all my notes to hand and can advise me over the phone or get me an emergency appointment within days if I need it. I really hope those of you reading this feel like you are supported by your local medical system too. It really took the fear out of my diagnoses because I know I can talk to a medical specialist whenever I need to. Where else can you get this level of specialist service free of charge?

Anyway, NHS support rant over!

Back to my appointment last week, I was a little apprehensive to be honest before I went in because the last few times I have seen my nurse, it has been Copaxone related. Talking about treatment options, being taught how to do the injections etc etc. I haven’t had an appointment where there has not been anything new or scary to discuss!

The nurse asked how I was doing, how the injections were going, if there was anything I wanted to talk about etc, and I said, truthfully, I was doing OK on all fronts. So after a lovely catch up, I don’t have to go back to see her until February next year! Obviously, if I have a problem before then, then I can ring up and see the nurse before that but hoorahh!!!!

I am so looking forward to having a good long run now of not visiting a hospital and getting some normality back.

Well, as much normality as you can get with an autoimmune disease but you get my drift 🙂

Turns out, this Mediterranean diet and positive thinking might just be doing the trick!

Sarah x

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