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Happy New Year – 2019!

When does it get too late to be saying ‘Happy New Year’? I am, as always, a little late to the party. Oops.

My main resolution this year is to blog more. I was finding before Christmas that MS was all I was thinking about. I was reading about people who weren’t doing so well and that’s when the doubt creeps in. Will that be me one day? How long will I go without another relapse? Will it be a big one? So I took a break from blogging and the related social media to clear my head and get some perspective about life.

Also, at the end of 2018, I was told my MS doctor had left the NHS and gone into private practice. I was crushed. It is ridiculous because I only met the man twice but he was there for me through one of the worst days of my life and made me feel like it was going to be ok. He made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. He made me less scared of the future and I can never thank him enough. So this new doctor, who I meet next week, has got a lot to live up to. Poor sod.

No one knows what tomorrow holds, but that is the same for all of us, MS or no MS. So I am back, and I have renewed my positivity.

2019 may not be so different for me in terms of doctors appointments and regular visits to the hospital but I have some lovely things to look forward too. My mum and best friend is 60 this year, (she will kill me for telling the Internet!) and I have a few surprises up my sleeve for her. She is going to be so happy!

I really want to spoil her because in the last two years, we have laughed and cried together. She helps me with the injections I can’t do myself and I know how much I make her worry. I will never be able to thank her properly for always being there to hold my hand, but some nice birthday surprises are a good start.

In other news, I will be 30 next year. I have written my #30before30 list and so this year will be all sorts of fun trying to tick them all off. And fingers crossed, just before my 30th birthday, I will be doing something HUGE to finish off my 20s!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and exciting 2019.

Sarah x

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