The A to Z of MS – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my A to Z of MS. I really hope it has explained what it is like living with MS and made some of you readers out there feel a little less alone. It was lovely to hear some stories about it via Instagram too.

Part 2:

N is for No Patterns

With the Copaxone injections, I am finding there is no pattern. Sometimes I have a massive bruise, sometimes it is a tiny dot. Sometimes it hurts like hell, sometimes I can’t feel it at all. I asked my MS nurse about it and she said thats just the way it is! It is just hard to get your head around it when you don’t know what to expect!


O is for Options

About a month after getting my shock diagnosis, I was presented with all of these medication options. I think this was scarier than being told I had MS. I was being forced to choose between horrible side effects or horrible injections. What a choice! I chose Copaxone and it is working for me but who knows what joys the future holds! 😂😂🙈🙈


P is for Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is the best way to keep healthy. There is a famous saying: ‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you will be right.’ If you believe you can conquer your illness then you will! As hard as it can be sometimes, staying positive keeps the mind healthy like a diet keeps the body healthy.


Q is for Questions, Why Me?

I ask myself this about a hundred times a month 😂😂 in the UK apparently MS cases are high because we have such little sun and therefore have low Vitamin D levels but no one knows for sure. Some days it just feels so unfair, some days I think it just proves how tough I am!


R is for Relapsing and Remitting

This is one of the 4 kinds of MS, the one I have. Basically, it comes and goes in the form of episodes. The symptoms strike and then go again and it is pure luck as to whether they leave lasting damage or not. I don’t know a lot about the other types so any info shared here would be really helpful.


S is for Shock

It was the biggest shock when the doctor said that my unexplained symptoms were MS. It had not occurred to me that it would be anything serious, never mind something I would have to live with forever. I think it took me longer to get over the shock than it did to get to grips with MS.


T is for Test Results

Anyone else feel like you spend your life waiting for test results? 🙈🙈 that feeling of dread and panic will never get any easier…


U is for Unique

The thing about MS is that every case is different. Like every case is unique! Which is good because it is in no way a death sentence, but in other ways it is hard to know to expect. It also makes finding a cure super difficult! 🙈 but this doesn’t mean that we can’t share our experience to reassure others. Sharing is caring 🧡🧡


V is for Losing Value

I don’t know if this one is all in my head but I don’t like telling people I have MS because I don’t want their expectations of me to lower. Because not a lot is known about MS by most people I feel like people will treat me differently, like I have lost value or won’t achieve as much. Challenge accepted! Because I am stronger than ever 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


W is for World Cases

MS affects people all over the world but is more common in colder countries. My doctor said this is because less sun means less vitamin D in the body. Canada has the highest amount of MS cases in the world.


X is for Xtra Veg?

I know that isn’t quite true but it is close enough! I used to pretty much only eat carrots but now I can quite often eat all 5 portions of veg in one meal! And I feel great!


Y is for Yearly Review

All being well, the only time I will have to see a doctor now is at my yearly review, as long as I have no more relapses, which is the plan! I like my doctor hugely but once a year is enough for me!


Z is for Zzzzzzz

The symptom most people with MS struggle with is fatigue. I find that I am sooooo tired all the time no matter how much I sleep, or don’t sleep at the moment! Hot nights are not my friend!


Thank you for reading,

Sarah x

1 thought on “The A to Z of MS – Part 2”

  1. Ok here is my 2 cents: take an aspirin just before you take your copaxone shot. Squeeze the injection site and inject into the raised bit. Now the difficult part. Take a big deep breath and relax. As you stiffen up in anticipation of the pain you are making it worse. I took copaxone for a year and it was the easiest one to inject. Good luck, you are not alone.

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