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So, don’t tell anyone but I can now say that I will be 30 next year! NEXT YEAR! Granted, I need to get 29 out of the way first but still, next year?!?!?

The thing that makes me laugh the most is that I do not feel anywhere near like a grown up yet. My friends around me are buying houses, getting married, having babies, and I am just there in the middle still laughing at spilling a glass of water down myself. (Nothing MS related, I am just that clumsy!).

When do you start to feel like an adult? I have spent all of my working life being in charge of children. I have taken part in meetings deciding a child’s future. I have made decisions on putting in place the support they need to succeed in school, like serious discussions, yet I still don’t feel like a real adult.

In the last year, I have developed this insane obsession with Disneyland, how grown up is that?! I was dragged there in America by my friends but it hit me like a wave. It is this amazing place where you can forget all the horrible things happening in your life and just walk around surrounded by love and happiness and characters! I mean all the celebrity spotting you do involved animals and princesses, what is not to love?!

So a few months ago, my brother casually mentioned to me a #30before30 list. A Bucket List type effort for all the things you want to achieve by the time you are 30.

It was the first time I was going to be long term planning post MS diagnosis. Did I need to curb my enthusiasm because of my illness? Did I need to keep it in mind so my ideas didn’t get too crazy? Is a list with a time scale a recipe for disaster because relapsing and remitting doesn’t usually give a lot of warning?

I thought and I thought and I drove myself crazy with thinking about what I should do. But then I thought, in a big loud voice: am I writing myself off already??? Am I limiting myself because of a label I am carrying now? This is exactly what I was trying to avoid: MS dictating my life!

So I got out a beautiful notebook and wrote all 30 items there and then. Some things are things I have always wanted to do, some things I know will be challenging, and some things are just for fun.

Whatever happens, I will be living my best life. MS or no MS.


#30before30 List

1. Afternoon Tea at Betty’s Tearoom, York.

2. Read everything written by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie.

3. Do a sponsored event.

4. Watch all of the Star Wars films in chronological order (in the story, not release dates).

5. Master making macarons (pesky blighters always get the better of me!).

6. Go to Disneyland Paris.

7. Have a meal on a posh train and pretend I am on the Orient Express (I’m sure I will never be able to afford the actual Orient Express so this will the next best thing!).

8. See one of the modern Wonders of the World.

9. Dine alone in a restaurant. (I feel like this would be character building and I have a few issues with social anxiety so it would be a big deal to me).

10. Learn to drive. (Talking of anxiety…).

11. Take a cookery class.

12. See the Hollywood sign.

13. Go on a boat trip/river cruise.

14. Do a cocktail making class.

15. Go to Warner Brothers in Watford to see Hogwarts at Christmas time.

16. Learn some calligraphy.

17. Do a spa day.

18. Learn to play a song on guitar.

19. Eat at Yo Sushi! (Purely because I love Miranda and there are conveyer belts there).

20. Learn to do make-up properly. (Contouring? What?)

21. Watch a theatre show from a box.

22. Grow some vegetables and cook a dish with them.

23. Watch the highest grossing film from every year I have been alive.

24. Learn the Cups song from Pitch Perfect.

25. Do the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool.

26. Do an escape room.

27. Have a snowboarding lesson.

28. Go to an overseas Speedway Grand Prix.

29. Watch an episode from each Doctor in 24 hours. (Doctor Who is the best show ever and I won’t hear a word said against it!).

30. Stay in the Hard Rock Hotel London for one night.


I am exhausted just writing all of that!

Wish me luck!

Sarah x

3 thoughts on “#30before30”

  1. Sarah, I love chutzpah and you have it in-spades! I have completed several of your items but then I am twice your age. I think you understand the most important aspect of MS: it does not define you! Your life is yours to live as you see fit. Your MS will always be in your handbag but that’s OK. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy your visits.

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