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Spring Vegetable Chowder

This week’s recipe is a Spring Vegetable Chowder. It doesn’t look overly appetising but it tastes lovely! I promise! What I like most about it is that everyone will like it making in a different way, which makes it fun to share in a blog post. The vegetables in it are green, so use your favourite green vegetables! I mash up the potato to make it thicker, but I like to keep the other vegetables chunky, but if you like soup smooth then blitz the whole thing! It is up to you!

This recipe is originally from the Tasty website which is one of my favourite websites to look for recipes. I have taken the recipe I saw on there and tweaked it to suit my needs and tastes. No copyright infringement intended. The original recipe is here:

Recipe: Spring Vegetable Chowder

Makes 3 portions, so excellent for freezing extra portions for another day! When chopping the vegetables, chop them as large or small as you want. I like chunky vegetables so I keep them in 2cm pieces, but that is your choice.


1 tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Leek, chopped

1 clove of Garlic (I used 1 teaspoon of Garlic paste)

4 Long stemmed Broccoli stalks, chopped

Handful of Green Beans, chopped

2 medium Potatoes, chopped

Handful of frozen Peas

Handful of frozen Sweetcorn

500ml Vegetable Stock

250ml Dairy free Milk (I use coconut milk)

Generous shake of Dried Basil

Juice from half a Lemon

3 dessert spoons Nutritional Yeast (1 per portion)


  • Cook on a medium heat, the Leeks, Broccoli and Green Beans in the Olive Oil and Garlic for 5 minutes, until they have softened and turned bright green.
  • Add Peas, Sweetcorn, Potatoes, Vegetable Stock, Dairy Free Milk and Basil and bring to the boil. If the liquid does not cover the vegetables then add some more boiling water if needed.
  • Cook for 20 minutes on low heat.
  • If desired, go over the mixture with a potato masher to break up the potato pieces. Add the lemon juice and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Add the Nutritional Yeast and cook for another 5 minutes while stirring to mix in the Yeast.

The Nutritional Yeast makes the creamy sauce more cheesy without adding dairy to the soup. I love this recipe because it is quick to cook when you have chopped all the veg! When I have split the soup into portions and reheated it another day, I sometimes cook some macaroni pasta to mix in with it to make a fresh spring minestrone. Again, I know it doesn’t look exciting but it tastes way better than it looks.

If you like it, let me know, or if you prefer a different vegetable combination, pop it in the comments!

Happy cooking!

Sarah xx

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