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Lockdown 3 -Here we go again…

Without sounding like the Mamma Mia sequel, here we go again.

On Monday night, another national lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister to try and combat this new strain of Covid 19. Current figures state that in the UK, 1 in 50 people are now infected with Corona virus.

The Prime Minister casually mentioned that the schools will now be shut until at least February half term and he will start to lift restrictions once all the highest risk categories have received the vaccination, which will hopefully be by March. I get the feeling that this lockdown is going to be a long one.

It hurts so much this time as we have all spent the New Year period making good intentions for 2021. This will be the year we make up for lost time. This will be the year we make the most of every opportunity. This will be the year we hug tighter and love more fiercely. It is only January the 6th and it is now a fineable offence to meet someone from outside your household. We managed 4 days of good vibes and hopeful thoughts.

I am finding the phrase: ‘Stay Positive’ particularly horrendous at the moment. Everyone is saying it with a silly grin on their face and cartoon ‘thumbs up’ hands and I just think, why?

We spent the Spring staying positive that this would all be over by September. We spent the Autumn praying that normality would be resumed by Christmas. And we were ever hopeful that seeing out 2020 would bring an end to this nightmare. But here we are, back in lockdown again.

So I have decided that instead of getting annoyed by the ‘Stay Positive’ parade, I am going to counteract it with something more achievable. ‘Keep Moving’ is going to be my mantra for this lockdown.

Alarm set each morning to get up out of bed. Go in the shower, get dressed. Keep moving.

Make a new ritual. Do something beneficial to your mental health for 10 minutes every day. Keep moving.

Go for a walk around the garden each day. Sweep up a few leaves, pull out a few weeds. Keep moving.

Create something new, something crafty, cooking, musical, writing. Anything, just keep moving.

I am not saying I will be going hell for leather, I mean I have Disney+ so there will be a certain amount of TV watching going on as per the last lockdowns but I really feel that keeping moving is going to be the key to saving my sanity this time.

‘Keep moving’ in every sense of the phrase. Physically, mentally, creatively, emotionally. Keep pushing on and moving forward. Keep having a go at a new hobby, keeping learning something new in your field of interest, keeping reading, keep exercising, keep growing your mind and body. Keep moving. Standing still is when purpose leaves you, when there is too much time to overthink what is happening. Little by little, developing your wellbeing, your physicality, your creativity will be the key to finding light in the darkness.

I would like to make clear that I fully understand that others out there have been suffering horribly with this virus, a lot more than I have. To all those who have lost their lives, and the loved ones they leave behind, I am not making light of this pain. I just know that the moral of the country is wavering and that sharing my thoughts about how I am going to tackle this lockdown might just help someone else reading this.

I have resumed uploading a picture a day to my Instagram stories of things I have done to pass the time each day in this same vain. To try and break down this big void of time into manageable chunks. To show that achieving one small thing a day is enough. It is enough for me and it is enough for you.

Photo credit to the amazing Charlie Mackesy. Another picture that just encapsulates exactly how I feel.

One day at a time.

Sarah xx

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