About Me

Facts about me:

Name: Sarah Bell

Age: 29

Location: Manchester, UK

Career: 2014- Present – Dream Pursuer, Writer, Crafter, Photographer.

2008-2014 – Nursery Teacher.

2001-2008 – Trying to navigate my teenage years.


Life Ambitions: To be a published children’s author.

To have one person tell me I have helped them in one way or another.

To be able to afford a Fuji X-T1 camera at some point in my life!

To have read all the stories written by Agatha Christie, the queen of crime.


Likes: Football, Belle Vue Speedway, Eating out with my friends, Chocolate, Taking pictures, TGI Fridays, Live music, Vimto, Doctor Who, pretty much anything written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry.

Dislikes: Having blood taken, Being cold, Not being able to eat what I want without gaining any weight, How much it rains in the UK, when a band comes on stage late, when my teams loose, Exercise…